Study Cuddle Blanket – Red Cover
Study Cuddle
Study Cuddle
Study Cuddle

Study Cuddle

Red Cover - Red Sleep Innovations
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Whether it’s midterms, finals, the panic to finish a paper by deadline,
or just crashing because it’s 3am - school is not 9 to 5.
Stay Warm,
Stay Focused,
Study Hard.
You deserve something special.
The Study Cuddle™ is for you.

 The Study Cuddle™ is an irresistibly, plush, Sherpa & Polar Fleece blanket. The Sherpa Cuddle Top and Plaid Sherpa lined Body Blanket combine to create a timeless covering while providing unprecedented comfort and freedom. Instantly, it becomes a fashionable garment as much as it is a wearable blanket.

The Study Cuddle envelopes you with wonderful insulating warmth during long hours spent writing, reading, and studying. Our one-size-fits-all design is large enough to ensure your kept nice and toasty, but still allows your ease of movement so you can focus on your tasks! When it comes to studying, it doesn't matter where you are - you deserve to feel comfortable!

Our dual blanket, patent pending technology, consisting of the Cuddle Top and Body Blanket is so amazingly simple to use, you'll want to tell the whole world, "This is the best blanket ever!"

Red Plaid "Canadiana"

Material - Sherpa/Polar Fleece
Weight - 320gsm
Cuddle Top™ - 130 x 80cm (50' x 30')
Body Blanket™ - 130 x 165cm (50' x 65')

Made in Canada

Study Cuddle

Study Cuddle