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Relax Exhale Dream (r | e | d) is an extension of my own personal quest to find rest, healing and recovery. After many years of labour, my job had taken its toll on my shoulders, the effect of which I would feel greatly at the end of the day and throughout the night. I tried various methods to alleviate the pain and discomfort, but they all provided only limited or temporary relief. This is when the vision for Relax Exhale Dream was born - an innovative, yet simple solution that ultimately would free me from pain and bring continuous nights of quality sleep and more happiness day to day. In fact, this solution had proven to be so effective at night, it was only natural to apply the concept into blankets so that I could bring comfort and warmth to our waking hours as well. It's now my mission to deliver this healthy solution to everyone, whether awake or asleep. I believe we all need and deserve to relax, exhale, and dream.
Rick Ropchan, Founder of the dream behindĀ r | e | d Sleep Innovations Incorporated

r|e|d Sleep Innovations is committed to a healthier Earth.

These are some of the ways we're lessening our Carbon Footprint; converting our warehouse to LED lighting, reusing throwback, non-electric trundle sewing machines, and ensuring that the shipping size of your purchase is minimized by using reusable, air-tight packaging. Join us, you can help and share in our commitment to the Earth. Use your blanket inside, and turn down the heat to reduce greenhouse gas. Together we can make a difference.