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Wrap Clothing: For Your Health and Comfort

Throughout history, wrap clothing has been a fashionable way to keep cozy without sacrificing your sense of style, but that is not all that these pieces do. Functional wrap garments are also a part of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to visual appeal and functionality, these outer-layers provide added health benefits, like alleviating aches and pains that are normally exasperated by cold.

Whether in the dead of winter or on a summer evening, the right blanket wrap can help to withstand the elements. Portable and versatile designs can help keep wearers comfortable, whether at a dinner table, on an outdoor adventure or anything in-between.

How Wrap Clothing Improves Your Health

A changing of the season or even a damp night can end up having major repercussions on a body. As tough as you might feel, the body is a delicate structure. When managing pain or just trying to increase comfort, a reliable blanket wrap can make a world of difference.

Staying Comfortable: During cold snaps, the neck and shoulders are the most vulnerable part of the body. Covering open spaces can help to prevent unnecessary illness. Everyone knows that damp environments can cause muscle aches. More than just dampness, any rapid change can be a shock to your system. Something as simple as stepping out of a summer day and into an air conditioned space can have a negative impact, but having a wrap on hand can help to regulate your body temperature.

Managing Aches and Pains: Being cold can lead to shivers and pain in joints. In a chilly environment, shivering can take a toll on comfort. An hour of shaking in the cold can leave you with headaches, strained muscles and locked up limbs. Wrapping up in an adjustable wrap can help to take the sting out of temperature change.

Treating Existing Conditions: Joint issues are an ailment that does not discriminate against any demographic. Temperature shifts can cause a great deal of discomfort in anyone suffering from common conditions, such as arthritis, cervical spondylosis, or lumbar spinal stenosis.

Improve Circulation: Maintaining body temperatures dilates blood vessels. Dilation refers to the widening of the blood vessels. This increases blood flow and provides proper oxygenation to blood and tissues.

How Clothing Wraps Fit Into Your Life

By creating a portable, breathable and weather-resistant blanket wrap, r | e | d has set out to improve the health of each wearer. Having access to an additional clothing layer can help to improve sleep, increase circulation and help to make life easier for those individuals with pre-existing health conditions that are made worse by drops in temperature.