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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her and Him

With February right around the corner, there is one thing on everyone’s mind: Valentine’s Day. From long-term relationships to budding romances or even good friends, everyone is hunting for that perfect gift - but the search just got easier!

Gold and jewelry are standard gifts on television and in films but are often unrealistic or even impersonal. When you are looking for the perfect gift, nothing beats the gift of comfort. Nothing can top the feeling of being cozy and comfortable, except maybe the sensation of a tight hug, so why not give them both?

Wearable Blankets: The Ideal Gift

Keeping up with current trends can be difficult, particularly when shopping for someone other than yourself. It is simple enough to search holiday gift guides, but these are often based solely on gender and are not personalized. Typing in “Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men” will often provide lists of camping gear or high-priced watches, but how do these help a homebody? Luckily, Red Cover has options for everyone.

For the Traveller: Whether you are a frequent jet setter or a daily commuter, keeping comfortable is key to an enjoyable trip. It can be difficult to juggle a large number of necessities, such as coats or a laptop, so it is common that certain items get missed. The Lay-Over Blanket is compact, portable and lightweight. Planes and commuter trains are often outfitted with air vents for the comfort of passengers but these can also give off a chill. Even a slight chill can lead to stiff joints and discomfort. The Lay-Over Blanket is the perfect protective layer for these environments. Unique cut and design make it possible to achieve head to toe coverage without restricting movement.

For the Student: Staying up late to cram for a mid-term or finish a paper is anything but comfortable. It is not uncommon for students to get carried away and forget their environments and that is why The Study Cuddle is an excellent option. Foldable, portable and plush, these wearable blankets enable students to carry comfort anywhere, while still offering freedom of movement.

For the Active Lifestyle: No matter the time of year, active individuals will be keen to get outdoors, head to dinner or even watch sports games. As the sun sets, temperatures drop and that opens the door for discomfort. The Diner’s Wrap allows wearers to keep active, without sacrificing comfort. Adjustable wear, lightweight design and a wearable cut make it possible to carry these wraps with you anywhere. Fashionable designs allow wraps to be worn at dinner on a patio, while out for a walk or just lounging on the couch.

Unique Gift Ideas: Thoughtful and Functional Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Instead of another trinket for their shelf, get your significant other something that they can really use. Wearable blankets are unique gifts for women and men, regardless of age or occupation. These universally loved products are able to protect the health and well-being of your favourite individuals or serve as a great gift for your closest co-worker. Show them that you really care this Valentine’s Day by choosing a cozy option that fits their lifestyle.