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Cozy Blanket Wrap: Your Holiday Staple

Christmas and the Holidays are almost upon us! It’s always special to give the gift of health to someone you love. Temperatures may have begun to drop but that doesn’t mean that those you care about have to stop being active. If the last year and a half has taught us anything, it is that socializing in the great outdoors is now part of our lifestyle. Whether seated for dinner on a patio with parents and friends or taking a break while watching kids play hockey or soccer, a wearable cozy blanket will help you by adding to your experience.

Staying warm is not just a matter of keeping comfortable, it's also a matter of personal care and well-being. Preventing chills and arming yourself against the cold is key to a healthy lifestyle. Now that we've rediscovered how invigorating fresh air and activity is to our vitality, staying warm while maintaining freedom can become complicated. Luckily, the experts at Red Cover have done the research for you. Surprise the ones you love this Christmas. This Holiday Season give them the gift of health, love, and your endless hugs. Give them the gift of a Red Cover Blanket.

Your Health was Our Inspiration

The blankets at r|e|d are much more than just a cozy wrap. We have your health and care in mind. Instead of struggling with inopportune cuts or drafty construction, our wearable blankets are uniquely designed to fit all body types. Red Cover Blankets provide you with the ability to easily maneuver your arms for dining, reading or electronic activities, along with providing easy to use temperature control. The original wearable blanket was not much more than a fleece blanket with sleeves - then came the massive, oversized hoodies. Unfortunately with both of these designs,  little thought was given on how best serve you. That's what makes us different!

At r|e|d, our Red Cover Blankets were designed with health as the foundation for all our products. We know that millions of people suffer from upper body, back, neck and shoulder pains. Helping to keep those who suffer from shoulder pain warm, was why we started doing what we do. We designed our blanket to do three things:

  • Provide continuous body warmth & coverage, including the pain points in the upper body.
  • Create a blanket that allows unobstructed freedom of movement for activities and temperature control.
  • Keep the essence and familiarity of a blanket, by actually still being a blanket.

What we came up with is the best blanket you'll ever use. Trust the Red Cover Blanket to guard your comfort, no matter the occasion.

Easy to Carry Comfort 

With an active lifestyle or full schedule, it is important to keep open our options for comfort. By creating a portable version of our Red Cover Blanket that is foldable, machine washable and complete with carrying straps or stuff bags, there is no occasion that these blankets can’t suit.

Unlike a hoodie blanket that engulfs wearers and overtakes body contours, Red Cover Blankets from r|e|d are a one size fits all option for everyone. These blankets can be fastened to seal off entry points for the cold, and can be wrapped around anybody, in any way that feels comfortable.

From curling up at home to a life on the go, our Red Cover Blankets allow you to relax, exhale and dream, keeping comfortable and improving your health one day at a time.