Buyer’s Guide to Wearable Blankets – Red Cover

Buyer’s Guide to Wearable Blankets

Throughout North America, climates can be unpredictable. What may start out as a sweltering, sunny day can quickly transition into a chilly evening. With this in mind, the option to carry comfort with you is more appealing than ever. The ability to slip into a relaxing and cozy environment after a long workday is key to stress management but these feelings should not be limited to your household alone.

Regulating temperature is key to maintaining comfort and wearable blankets are the perfect accessory to help wearers stay cozy without feeling overwhelmed. Layering clothing can cramp styles in colder months and overheating or bunching during Spring and Summer seasons. Heavy layers of clothing can also restrict movement and reduce breathability. A well-designed, wearable blanket should provide long-lasting comfort while accommodating your needs and lifestyle both at home and on the go.

Finding the Right Fit

Wearable blankets come in one-size-fits-all sizing but not every style and design will fit your lifestyle. An ordinary blanket may work for certain situations; however, a well-planned design can be used anywhere, at any time. With basic designs flooding the market, it is important to understand which products are worth your time and attention.

Smart Design: Standard blankets are designed in square or rectangular shapes, making full coverage feel impossible. Wrapping a blanket around your shoulders, might expose sensitive areas like the lower back. These styles might be good for nights at home, but it is inconvenient to try to move around in them. Wrap designs by Relax Exhale Dream are built to drape, cover and comfort whether seated, walking or lying down.

Material: Wearable blankets are designed to keep wearers comfortable, but it does not take much to become overheated. Fleece is widely known to be the “it” fabric for chilly temperatures, however Sherpa linings or other thick material can lead to overheating quickly. Ultra-soft 220gsm Polar Fleece is easy to wear in any situation. In addition to being extremely comfortable, this material provides wind and rain resistant coverage, making it the perfect accessory for any outdoor occasion.

Attractive Style: Shapeless designs are not always appropriate for entertaining guests and certainly not for attending events or dinners. Well-crafted designs allow wearers to transport and use coverings in any situation. Versatility of style means being able to relax and be comfortable in any environment. The patented Cuddle Top design of r | e | d means a stylish transition between work and play.

At the core of every garment should be comfort. An easy-to-use design, combined with adjustable fit and a classic style, the wearable blanket wraps from Relax Exhale Dream allows you to stay in the moment, seize the day (no matter the climate), and most importantly: relax, exhale and dream.