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Built For Cold, Made For Comfort: Blankets Made in Canada

No one knows cold like Canadians do. From damp days to frigid nights or traveling abroad, there is always a reason to keep comfort close at hand. Blankets made in Canada are designed with fluctuating temperatures in mind, but they are not exclusive to North America. Find the best option for yourself, your health and your lifestyle, no matter where you roam.

Northern Mindset, Global Appeal: Choosing the Perfect Wearable Blanket

An oversize hoodie blanket might be great for a night on the couch but these thick, bulky designs are not meant for every occasion. A thick blanket with sleeves can limit mobility, which does not suit prolonged wear or an active lifestyle. Before you commit to any products and services, it is important to spend a bit of time compiling a list of which factors are the most important to you.

The Right Size: When shopping for a new sheet set or duvet, it is easy to narrow down your desired size - just follow the standard guide! When purchasing a portable design, things become a bit more complicated. A short design leaves opportunity to let heat escape while designs that are too large can be cumbersome. By offering adjustable designs, as well as personal sizing, Red Cover designs can be wrapped around a body, draped over shoulders or left along laps.

The Ideal Fabric: A thin material will not do much good in a cold environment while thick, sherpa fleece can be too hot for a mild day and a wool blanket can be itchy or lead to skin irritations. No one knows your hobbies, lifestyle and needs better than you do. With this in mind, our Canadian made products offer several different options for warmth. Polar fleece is tight-knit and helps to create a barrier between your skin, and the wind and rain outside. For the late-night study session or a night at the office, hybrid designs provide an insulated layer of sherpa fleece and an outer area of polar, providing warmth and super soft comfort, together in one.

Portability: Canadians understand how important an active lifestyle is, no matter your range of mobility. Boarding a plane on a warm day can give a sense of comfort but once you reach full elevation, plane interiors become cold. A bulky wearable fleece blanket can take up all of your storage options, leaving little room for anything else. Foldable and compact options like the Lay-over Blanket are perfect for travel - or to keep in the car for emergencies.

Style: A “one size fits all” hooded blanket is not often a fashion statement in the making. When attending outdoor events, particularly in Canada, many of us are left to choose between comfort and style. Without enough layers, it is easy to catch a chill or experience joint pain associated with dampness or cold. Instead of suffering for the sake of fashion, Red Cover features lightweight designs, that are not only functional, but look great as well.

Why Buy Canadian

From coast to coast, Canadians are committed to staying safe, keeping warm and never sacrificing passions for the sake of being cold. From snowy landscapes on Prince Edward Island to damp evenings in British Columbia, our team of Canadian craftsman have come up with well-made products that can improve quality of life across the globe.

It is easy enough to perform an online search to find low cost, low quality options for wearable blankets or oversized hoodies, shipped from a warehouse half-way across the world. While a low price-tag may be appealing at first, these small prices usually come with an unseen cost. Planning your day around an outing can mean planning your day around access to a comfortable outer layer. Purchasing a poorly constructed blanket means poor quality, flimsy designs or materials that are worn down.

Sacrificing comfort for cost may be convenient at the time, but by the time you are forced to replace a crumbling blanket for the second or third time, you will be spending much more. An investment in a high-quality piece for study, travel, for the car or for your comfort at home, is an investment in your overall health.